The “United States” is home to over 300 nations.

On numerous platforms, when one selects one’s nationality as “United States of America” this leads to you being blocked from use of that platform. But the big question is: where are the options for the other nations within this geography?

For instance, each native American tribe is federally recognized as a nation distinct from the federal government (isn’t that so kind of them to acknowledge the original inhabitants that way?). But why is “Navajo nation” never an option?

And what about the Moors? They also inhabited Al Amexum prior to the English arriving. Why do I never see “Moorish American” in a pulldown?

Neither Moorish Americans or any native American tribe are United States Citizens.

Furthermore, the State Department issues two passports: American National passports and US Citizen passports. Why don’t these online sites allow one to specify “American national”?

It’s because people do not distinguish between the property held by the federal private, for-profit corporation known as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (which is only Washington DC primarily) and the property held by each sovereign republican soil.

The text “Cooperative Federalism” by Gerald Brown makes all of this clear.

The author of this article considers himself:

  • American National
  • State Citizen
  • Private Citizen
  • Secured Party Creditor

If I were really cool like Marc Stevens and his No State project, I would just be me with no allegiances.

Author: wizard

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