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Plarafy EA

The first day has not looked good:

But the author has said that it knows how to recover. We shall see!

RSI Trading

I like using the free RSI Trading EA from Point Zero. I put it on about 20 different pairs about 10 minutes for a high impact news event. When the market goes charging in one direction, it leads to the RSI showing overbought or oversold. At which point, the EA places a trade in the opposite direction. So far, it has been good for bagging about 10 pips per news event. But time will tell.

The World of Olufemi Adeyemo

I came across this guy on MQL5 and am now locked into his products. He has a signals room where I have not lost yet. And it only costs $10/month. And he has over 45 products to choose from, and I am very happy with the Dashboard I bought

Full Forex Market View Dashboard

This product is absolutely sick. On top of that the author is very responsive on Telegram. He trains everyone in now to make use of the indicator. Once you get an alert, you only need to check if it has broken support/resistance and the TDI to enter a trade! I cant resist showing off my profile for studying alerts from it:

On the left is the overview. On the right is where I study a particular symbol in terms of support/resistance and TDI.

Things on the Horizon

Drop Forex Insider

Forex Insider is a product of Success Factory/DAGcoin. The signals are very good. But:

  • who wants to login to a website to get a signal twice a day when you could get a text message or an app could notify you? Or a Telegram room could provide the signal. And of course, why not just directly trade it?

Toss $500 at Signal Start

This trader has a great track record and they accept US residents. For the same price as Forex Insider, you get auto-traded signals with a verified track record going back 5 years!

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