High-Yield Automated Forex Profits with Verified Long-Term Track Record


Compound interest/exponential growth can be achieved by leveraging the work of other people or the work profitable trading/investing. In this article, we will look at SignalStart, an exciting opportunity for compound interest through automated forex trading.

This is an excellent vehicle for Fund-Invest-Retire.

Long-term, 3rd party verified track records.

Have you ever been on Telegram or Facebook and seen juicy screenshots of profits:

but let me tell you:

one day’s personally reported profits does not tell you what is happening every day or what has happened for the past year (or more) via an OBJECTIVE 3rd party.

And that is where 3rd-party verified track records come in… LONG track records for 1-4 years….

Just look at this beatiful, compound profit, verified by an objective 3rd party:

3000% growth in 4 years, 100% AUTOMATED!!!

Beats the hell out of a screenshot of 1 day of winnings – because you see all wins and losses.

Sexy gains are great, but what about losses?

only a 1.5% drawdown!!! That means that the losing trades on this account only DRAW DOWN the account equity by 1.5%. Compare that with some other systems I like:

Compare that with “the 10x Strategy” – if you put 10k in that account, you might see an open trade showing -7,000 of loss … not an easy thing to stomach. With “Dollar Generator” you are only seeing 150 of potential loss at any one time for a 10k account. Much easier to sleep at night.

But anyway, here are the other systems I’m looking at:

Dollar generator3,644.59%1.5%Real
Moon Reaper8,296.56%79.4%Real
Positive Green Beast3,634.89%68.4%Real
Mercury CHFJPY RX810.84%46.9%Real
MERCURY GBPUSD R5745.17%42.2%Real
Blackwave Alpine Client1,021.82%50.6%Real
The 10x Strategy78,629.82%75.7%Real

and here is why:

MOON REAPER – manual, started with only $500, but high drawdown

POSITIVE GREEN BEAST – strong montly returns, scary drawdown

MERCURY CHFJPY RX – only $100 deposited, 8-fold ROI in under 1 year!!!

MERCURY GBPUSD R5 – $100 deposit, 8-fold ROI in 3 frickin months!!!!

BLACKWAVE ALPINE CLIENT – trading 3 million dollars of live money! 2 losing months in 2 years

THE 10X STRATEGY – 78,000% ROI (no-typo!) in under 1 year! 50% minimum ROI for the past 9-10 months, high drawdown

STORMCATCH – 100% automated, comparatively low returns

Look good?

Then let’s get this party started right!

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