High-Yield Automated Forex (HYAF) Results for May 2020

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Serendipity Fortune: 20% in April, 5% in May

This signal returned 45% in April on the master account and 8% in May. On mine, it returned 20% in April (starting on the 5th) and 5% in May (same amount of time as master account). I suppose the multiplier used when copying the signals is the reason.

But anyway, given 1 million percent gains in account size over a 2.5 year history and NO losing months Since Sept 2017, I’m happy with consistent positive returns even though they are not as large as I would like.

But over time, they will compound because the account started trading 2 micro lots and now is trading 6 micro lots.

I am your banker: 70% returns for May!

70% is the most any of my accounts returned for May. There are traders with returns in the thousands of percent PER MONTH on SignalStart, but the signals are only 1-2 months old. This trader has been producing triple-digit percentage returns since October of last year (500%, 200%, etc).

In May, the master account only returned 30% while mine returned 70%. The reason is I used a multiplier of 3.1, meaning that I took 3 times the suggested risk on each trade and hence made more profits.

The trader’s win rate is 90% so I felt confident doing this.

There are 5 open losing trades and I do not intend to renew because I cannot justify at $350 per month price tag to follow him. Let’s hope those trades close soon. Once your subscription expires, the account will follow the trader for 3 more days.

10x Strategy: 10% gain

10x Strategy is an account that has grown over 1 million percent since June of last year. It returned a small profit this month, significantly smaller than any other month in its history.

It’s been a tough month for almost every signal – the corona virus has thrown financial chaos into almost every sector of life all around the world.

I am following this signal in an account that was formerly receiving signals for MERCURY GBP R5, a losing signal. The trader did a good job of taking an account that had lost 40% of its value and returning it to -30%.

The lesson here: when you change signals, follow them in a new account.

But even so, the “Losing” signal actually provided positive gains for the month

I had a knee-jerk reaction to the losses, but overall, the signal did provide positive gains for the month. I just had the good fortune of registering for the signal on April 12, right before it had it’s biggest losing spell in it’s short history.

New Exciting Trader Found: 4000% gains in ONE DAY!!!

This is a gain chart for ONE FREAKIN’ DAY:

I am re-using the same account for this trader too. I guess I never learn:

  • I started this particular account following Mercury GBP USD R5 and this is an overall winning signal. I just happened to subscribe during a shortfall!
  • Instead of transferring my funds to a new account, I simply dumped Mercury GBP USD R5 and then added the 10x strategy who did an admirable job of bringing the account back.
  • Just as I was about to renew the 10x strategy for another month WINNER PROFIT MAX caught my eye… 4000% gains in a single day? Are you kidding me? SIGN ME UP NOW!

How do I get Started?

Just follow these steps and you will be on your way to pushbutton passive residual income.

Be Patient!

As Alan Shaw, a professional account manager once told me: “Bulls can make money, bears can make money, but pigs get eaten.”

2 of my traders (serendipity and 10x strategy have shown what staying the course for 1 year can do). The other one (newfuture) has only 3 months of track record.

Everyone wants millions overnight. But it takes a year of patience to have enough ROI to start withdrawing those huge sums while the account keeps growing.

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