I am the Corp Funding Pro

My goal is to take you from where you are to the funding that you desire for the business objectives you have.

Step 1 – Tell us who you are and what you want

Get started with our intake process by filling out this form and we will assess your profile for the optimal capital raise.

Step 2 – How is your credit score?

If you have a 680 or stronger credit score…

I have been through credit-based funding twice and landed 35k or more in funding each round. My recommended resource for credit-based funding will get you 35k to 50k in your first round of funding and up to 250k in funds during several funding runs over a year. They deliver when other credit-based funding resources (eg. Creditwise) could not. You need a 680 credit score or better yet 700 across the board for this resource.

If you dont have a 680 or stronger credit score…

Then I recommend you get your credit repaired on autopilot because so many things in your life including funding will go easier with strong credit. If you only need inquiries removed and removed within 1 week, then I recommend CreditRepairCo. But if you have 3-6 months to get everything ship shape, then a different recommended credit repair resource is only $49/mo and they have been in business since 1997.

Gap Funding to Pay Down Credit Cards

I have a resource for this that charges 10-20% based on credit profile. Once everything derogatory is removed from your credit, then we pay down your balances, optionally rapid rescore your credit and then get you funding and then you pay them back.

Liquidation of Credit Cards to Cash

My Gap funding resource also liquidates credit cards to cash for a 6% fee. You can get a better rate through balance transfer checks if you are so lucky.

Step 3 – Bad Credit Still Works in Certain Lines of Business

We do asset-based lending, particularly in equipment financing for people with poor credit.


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