September 16, 2022

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I am the Corp Funding Pro

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My goal is to take you from where you are to the funding that you desire for the business objectives you have. We have a solution for you. If the information below is overwhelming, then simply hop on a quick call with us and we will map out a plan or you.

Credit Repair Needed?

If you choose credit-based funding, then a 680 or better score is a must. My recommended credit repair resource is only $49/mo and they have been in business since 1997.

Credit-Based Funding for Any Purpose

I have been through credit-based funding twice and landed 35k or more in funding each round. My recommended resource for credit-based funding will get you 35k to 50k in your first round of funding and up to 250k in funds during several funding runs over a year. They deliver when other credit-based funding resources (eg. Creditwise) could not.

Gap Funding to Pay Down Credit Cards

I have a resource for this that charges 10-20% based on credit profile.

Liquidation of Credit Cards to Cash

My Gap funding resource also liquidates credit cards to cash for a 6% fee. You can get a better rate through balance transfer checks if you are so lucky.

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