Art Morrison III is a very open person – I would trust him for real estate investing

I saw a youtube ad for Art Morrison’s approach to real estate investing. Being full of myself, I was like

“not another rei guy… Every time I tune into YouTube I see Brad smotherman, Maldonado, etc, etc.”

But he got my interest because he was good enough to be a pro basketball player. So I clicked on the link and As I watched skipped through his intro presentation, I learned a few things:

BRRRR – buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat

I had heard of this acronym. Apparently the refi step is where you generate profits on a property without having to resell it.

Lenders for Real Estate Investing

at one point he showed a spreadsheet of lenders. I never know when I might need a lender for REI, so let’s list ’em out. Looks like it’s a good idea to read the Google Reviews of these lenders

  • Kiavi – has rental financing
  • Paces Funding in ATL has less than 4-stars in Google Reviews. I wonder why
  • RCN Capital – also less than 4-stars in Google Reviews. They have rental financing with 30 years leases.
  • Lima One Capital
  • Ground Floor has a wide variety of options including investing for as little as $10.00 –
  • sherman Bridge Lending – – not sure why less than 4-stars in Google Reviews
  • Wilshire Quinn – has investment options as well
  • Hard Money Pros –
  • Locklin Capital – Here in the ATL –
  • Northpointe –
  • Haus Lending –
  • Builders Capital –
  • Finance of America Commercial –
  • Lending One – another with than 4-stars in Google Reviews.
  • Capital Funding Financial –
  • Freedom Capital Funding –
  • Motivation Mortgate in Mooresville, NC –
  • Gen Next Funding –

What a Nice Open Guy

He’s obviously a very trusting person with nothing to hide. Probably a great person to get involved in real estate with. Thing is, I have my local sources here, so no need personally.

How much does it cost???

I hate having to fill out forms and then talk to someone before I found out how much it costs.

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