I’m not down for Up2Give: my personal review.

A friend of mine passed along the presentation materials for Up2Give. In the interest of politely refusing this offer and not having to repeat my reasons, I’m going to crank out my personal opinion on this program one time and link to this post many times, so here we go:

Pay $32/mo to the company to be active?!

You heard that right. They expect you to pay $32 (PER MONTH!!!) just to be a part of their social crowdfunding platform. I would rather setup an autosave of Karatbars gold myself. It takes a bit longer to create a strong income in Karatbars, but at least you and the people you sponsor are getting something for every dime you spend. And at least you arent worried about the company collapsing.

Once a person does not get his 2 people within a few months, he/she will tire of having their pockets drained of $32 and quit.

I love charity and personal causes

I do believe that each person has some things they want to achieve and they deserve funding for it. And if your friends aren’t going to help you with your cause, then are they really friends?

But is Up2Give the way to do so?

Most new businesses do not succeed: for whatever reason, 90% of new businesses FAIL for some reason or the other. Even some very good ideas fail.

I cant begin to name all the failed mutual benefit crowdfunding platforms that have failed… but I can name one that has lasted 9 years! and I give there every year!

If you want give help and receive help, consider Whole World Foundation

9 years in the running, solid comp plan and other new innovative ideas always coming down the pipe, some of which do not require sponsoring. Definitely worth checking out.

Dont waste your time and ruin your relationships on a fly-by-night program.

I was leafing through my inbox and came across yet-another-dead-crowdfunding initative:

And it is my opinion that in under 1 year, Up2Give will join the graveyard of crowdfunding ideas that rob people desperate for income of their funds – why not choose a rock-solid business with a long-term track record instead? or a rock-solid charity like Whole World?

The power of referring 2 exists in Karatbars and they’ve operated legally in 140+ countries for over 9 years. I’d much rather hang my hat there.

My recommended new kid on the block

If you want to ride the wild side and if you want another program based on love and charity, take a look at We Share Abundance – they GIVE MONEY AWAY TO FREE MEMBERS. No upgrade required. And: in one month you get your investment back plus 50% with no need to sponsor.

It does require a bit of technical skill to get all the steps accomplished, but I am very impressed with what Graham Frame has put together. Maybe one day I will combine the best ideas of We Share Abundance with the best ideas from Whole World Foundation to make my own charity.

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