October 23, 2021

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Explosive, High-Yield Automated Investments

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Introduction to High-yield automated trading

The fund-invest-retire program that is the heart of My Money Magick needs solid investments that produce strong returns. When it comes to strong returns, there are 2 types of strong returns that we are looking for:

  1. steady monthly returns of 10 to 20%
  2. explosive returns of 100% to 2000% in 1-18 months.

When looking at steady monthly returns, we put a large amount of capital in and get a steady ROI on it. For example, if we took out a 100,000 loan, the bank would expect 2,500 per month loan payment in general (which is 2.5% of the loan). So where would you put 50,000 so that you could get 5,000 to 10,000 back per month? Once you know that, then the bank is happy with 2,500 and you are profitable with the rest!

When looking at explosive returns we need look no further than the recent Bitcoin chart. Bitcoin dropped from 19,000 per coin to as low as 4,000 per coin. But now it is holding strong at 30,000 per coin, for a 700% return in 6 months (from the March low to now). Some of the investments below are steady, others are explosive, and some can be both.

Let’s read on.

Pionex – trading robots built right into the cryptocurrency exchange!

You heard right, now read more and then use these parameters for your bot. I am very happy with my returns from this bot. No monthly trading fees because the exchange profits on exchange fees. I would say this fits into the steady ROI category. But there is no predictable monthly ROI. It is better to expect an annual ROI of 100% or greater, but dont expect anything any particular month.

The safe, automatic way to profit on cryptocurrency fluctuations.

Forex – 5 trillion dollars is traded every day…. would you like a piece?

There are 2 basic ways to generate profits in forex – signals and trading bots. In most cases, you are looking for steady returns of 5 to 20% on your income, but as we read below, explosive 1-month returns are entirely possible.

However, because you are trading with high leverage, it is possible to blow your account. I’ve seen high-quality signals that produced strong returns for 2-3 years that went belly-up overnight, no kidding.

Let’s now take a look at the 2 ways to generate automated profits in forex, signals and bots.


I’ve found 2 excellent places to generate high yields in short time frames via forex – MQL5 and SignalStart. Both places do a good job of showcasing their signals. SignalStart requires less setup on your end, but costs a little more. All the best in your research. Blackwave Pacific has been a signal for 5+ years with only a few losing months.

Trading Bots – also known as Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors at MQL5 sometimes have a verifiable track record. For example, Perfect Score EA is not only available for purchase, you can follow the signal for just $30/month. And Perfect Score is not just a name – the EA/bot has a 100% win record on all trades to date.

I’m very pleased with the results of the Spider Crazy Pro EA. Me and the author of the trading bot differ in philosophy. She advises: put in $100 and you might have $400 or $500 in a single month, or you might lose your $100. I advise: put in $3,000 for every micro-lot you trade. I’ve had drawdowns of $1,800 or more on my $3,000 account and it is still going strong. A $100 account would’ve been blown and my heart broken. I track my returns on Spider Crazy pro here. Another member of our forex mafia tracks his returns here.


Options Trading

When it comes to options trading, my go to trade service is MT Options. They autotrade with TD (over 16 years), Global Autotrading, AutoShares, and eOption.  They are the highest returning AutoTraded option newsletter in 2020.

Link to performance:  http://www.mtoptions.com/files/Performance.pdf
When you register for a trial, up-to-date trades and performance as well:  http://www.mtoptions.com/subscribe.cfm

For account size, really doesn’t matter.  We have seen accounts begin with as little as 2500 to as high as 400k.  The most important aspect is pick a dollar amount that reflects 5% or less of total account balance into any one trade.  Never exceed that with options and this is key for longevity and returns year over year.

To learn more about them, visit


Futures Trading – powerful, audited and explosive

If you have 15k to throw into an account, then give my man Tom Gollahon over at Successful Trading Systems a call. Over 10 years of explosive returns, sometimes people get 100% in a week or two… but there was one time where $10,000 of profit dropped to $1,000 … but that was 2 years ago and it has not had such a drawdown since… but that is why I recommend 15k in the account, that way if 10k is lost before it starts winning, you dont lose your account.

The trading system does best in volatile markets and lord is the world volatile now.

NapBots – trading robots for your favorite exchange

NapBots has excellent returns and low monthly fees to get profits at your favorite crypto exchange. But ask yourself: why would you bother when Pionex has no up-front or monthly fees.

HODL Community – fixed ROI Utopia?

It really would be nice to have certainty about how much you were going to get. With a steady job, you know just how much is going to come in. There are very few investments that guarantee a fixed rate of return that are legitimate and high-yield. Sure, you can invest in savings bonds from the government. But by the time they have appreciated, the dollar has depreciated twice as much!

I’ve just come across HODL Community (HC). I’m really impressed and at the same time hesitant. I’m eager to have finally found fixed-rate Nirvana but I’ve come across other programs with a fixed guaranteed ROI and they all crashed. But they had flaws that HC does not. Time will tell.

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