Fund Invest Retire (FIR): the easy career

Step 1 is FUND: get 50k in Funding

We make business funding easy, so relax. 100k is more like what we get after we make you bankable.

Step 2 is INVEST: You owe the bank 2% per month, so *INVEST* in something that returns 3 or more % per month

Leave 1/3rd of your funding money to pay the bank back with the money they gave you. This way you have a 1-year cushion to explode the rest.

Take a look at the best high-yield automated trading programs available. Then put 1/3rd of your funding money into these explosive high yield investments so you can pay back the loan.

Take the final 3rd and buy sure shot steady return investments, things like gold and bitcoin.

Step 3 is RETIRE: Leave some profit in the account so you can compound your winnings. Take out the rest to live the casual passive income lifestyle.


Millionare Mentor University (aka Financial Success Club) had this noble plan, but none of their investments were battle-tested and they all went belly-up within months of people investing 10s of thousands in them.

Step 4 – talk to your friends and family

WIth Network Marketing/MLM, you go about this the wrong way. Here you are broke, living in your mother’s basement calling them up going: “Hey would you be open to new ways to make more money” and they’re on the other end of the line thinking: “what does this dude know about making money?”

So once you are making money, then you start building your network of trusted people who you help make money. In other words, there are two ways to make passive income: people working for you or money working for you. With MLM, they start with people working for you. With investing/trading, we start with money working for you.

Then you form a trust and write your will so that the right people get your holdings when you bite the dust.


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