Exponential Growth Odyssey at PrimeXBT

I’m overall pleased with how easy it is to start gaining automated cryptocurrency profits at PrimeXBT.

All I did was allocate equal portions of my investment amount to the top 10 traders and while many failed a few blossomed.

Let’s see how things played out:

Phase 1 – 10 traders in, only 1 exploded

Only the trader named “NO 1” grew my account but the neat thing is, he grew it more than 10-fold!

Phase 2 – Traders 2-11 get $500 rationed between them

Many things are going to be interesting on flat-planet-earth from this day 11/11/2020:

  • will coronavirus be revealed for the media hoax that it is?
  • will the election fraud be dealt with fairly and many people suffer serious penalties for tampering with the election?
  • will any of these new traders produce exponential growth?

Author: wizard

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