10x returns on my PrimeXBT investment!


So there you saw my returns. Like I said, the process is simple:

  1. Register at PrimeXBT.
  2. Deposit $100 to $500 worth of Bitcoin to PrimeXBT – I like using Gemini for connecting my bank to the cryptocurrency world, but you can use who you like.
  3. Put $10 to $50 into each of the top 10 traders.
  4. Come back in 3 months and witness and 7 of the 10 traders have probably lost all your money. But, it’s those other 3 that have given you 5x to 10x returns…. what do you do? You got it! Withdraw some profits and plow it into the new set of top 10 traders.
  5. Keep going this over and over until $10 becomes $300 and $300 becomes $9000 and $9000 becomes 270,000 etc, etc.

Author: wizard

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