Pay-it-Forward Statement

The reason I have made a pay-it-forward offer to you is simple:

You are someone I want to help and I believe that you want to help others.

The $200 that you are receiving to purchase a profit package will, in my opinion lead to revenue for you that is far greater than $200.

What’s the catch?

The only catch is that when your “cup runneth over” you identify approximately 5 people who satisfy the same criteria (you are someone I want to help and I believe that you want to help others) and pay-it-forward for them.

What’s the Hidden Agenda?

The hidden agenda is that I will make a lot of money in the long run as more and more people pay-it-forward. So I lose a grand on 5 people I care about over the next 6 months. My gains from a network of givers will be infinite and far greater over the next 2-5 years.

Why are you so certain?

I’m not. All business involves risk. And I would rather me bear the burden of risk over you losing money. That said, I’ve been involved with this company for 4 years and have nothing but high praises. But all in all, I am very confident of the 5-year plan of this company that you can see by watching the 2nd video in the 3-part series at this link.

Ok, how do I do this?

  1. Accept the payment of $200 from me [now]
  2. Register here.          [now]
  3. Purchase the 150 euro profit package [today]
  4. Kick back and wait for the rest of the world to find out about this great idea. At which point, the price should skyrocket. [6 months? maybe never]
  5. Cash out your earnings.
  6. Create your own pay-it-forward statement and forward it to 5 people who meet the criteria.





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