Review of the Liberty Debt Elimination System

I’ve had a lot of experience with Brilliance in Commerce and their Liberty Debt Elimination System. My goal in this review is to be factual and balanced about what I’ve learned so that the reader can make an informed decision.

The Premise and the Promise

The Liberty Debt Elimination system is based on a simple but stunning fact: when a loan is funded, new money is created out of thin air. The bank does not lend it’s money to you. That’s right… surprise, surprise, the bank is a Pretender Lender: they get paid from you but they never gave you a thing in the first place! While the bank likes you to THINK they gave you money and they also like you to THINK you should pay them back, the basics of a contract say the opposite – you only need to pay back what they lent and thus you owe them nothing. You can Google “Credit River Decision” to see one of the seminal cases where a borrower put foot to the bank’s ass over a mortgage based on this fact.

OK, bankster, sign this affidavit affirming you lent me money or drop the debt!

This is the core of the Liberty Debt Elimination System – and in an ideal world, it would be that simple: you would challenge the bank to admit they didnt lend you penny and they would not sign the affidavit but instead just cancel the debt. But while that does happen sometime, you can expect some huff and puff and smoke and mirrors resistance.

3 Levels of Resistance from the Pretender Lender

If the Pretender Lender does not fold when they receive your affidavit, then they will try to break your back with legal tactcs. You will need money, time and a lawyer to deal with their calculated bluff. They are hoping you dont have money for a lawyer. They are hoping you don’t have time and money for court filings. And finally they hope that you cannot appear and then handle a court appearance successfully. 

In the “true story” section below, you will see just how taxing that can be.

Additional Fees

In addition to purchasing the Liberty Debt Elimination System you may need a lawyer and fees to do court filings. Not to mention getting off work to appear in court.

Figure out your overall cost

So, the first thing to do when considering this system is to add up all of the debt and then ask yourself do you also want to pay an attorney and filing fees? How many debts do you have? Will you have the time to handle filings for various banks? This is where a free intake would be good. Certain banks will fold at your first challenge. Others will do everything their power to win by making your life miserable – they know they can’t win the court battle but they do know how to try to win on technicalities before the hearing.

A True Condensed Account of the System

So, let’s look at an authentic secondhand experience with the Liberty Debt Elimination System from end to end. I was reading a newsletter from Brilliance in Commerce (the creators of LDES) and noticed that a purchaser of LDES, named Keiki, needed financial contributions to help with court filing. So I sent her a little bread and she added me to a mailing list to keep me abreast of her journey to debt freedom.

Filing a Court Case is Demanding

The filing has be done right, then proofed by an attorney and then submitted. it is a rather demanding introduction to the World of Law, but it can be done. She did it. But it was not easy or free in terms of time or money. 

2 of 3 thrown out, 3rd one almost successful

Not only was the first one thrown out, but they company paid her $250. The second one was cancelled with no money paid to her. In the third case, she didnt complete filing in time and thus was judged against. Even so, they havent demanded that she pay them.


I’m familiar with a number of approaches to dealing with debt:

  1. The What Lies in Your Debt training is excellent. One member of this newsletter has gone through their training and can tell you about it.
  2. Debt settlement
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. just walk away
  5. Buy it out with corporate funds so it disappears from your personal report (my favorite)

And I’m also familiar with the Liberty Debt Elimination System. LDES does have a very long track record of success. And if the debt were sizeable then it might be worth using LDES to cancel the debt. 

But the primary approach I’ve personally used is to get corporate funding and move the debt to the corporate side. This allows me to play along with the Pretender Lender and get more funds from them later. And with the new funds I can put the funds to good use – investing them in something with solid high yields that pays the debt service and gives me some profit as well.


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