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WSA Credit Services, located in Jacksonville, FL offers credit repair services. I think they are the 3rd time I’ve enlisted credit repair services. My first credit repair service was CreditRepairCo and I would definitely return to them for certain items. I would not return to Lot Venson Smith for certain reasons. And now we come to WSA Optimization and compare them with CreditRepairCo.

Let’s look on the bright side

I came into this process to get some hard items removed – 3 late payments on open accounts and 1 late payment on a closed account. To their credit, Equifax is CLEAN, all 4 are gone! Experian has removed the one on the closed account. And the same with Transunion.

Thanks WSA.


Payment is easy with WSA – just give them your credit card and they charge. This seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how few credit repair companies make it that easy – some want you to send irreversible payment methods, others want you to pay through a credit card processor for a completely unrelated field… but I digress. Let’s move on to the not-so-cool things.

Speed of Inquiry Removal

Credit RepairCo removes inquiries in days or in the most a week or two. It’s been 4 months and WSA has not removed them… but I think that is more how they operate – they do a hard pull on your credit and then do a bunch of things for several months and then when they are finished they remove their inquiry as well as the ones you want removed… supposedly. I’m still waiting for that to happen 4 months later.

You get the contract after you pay

No, this is not a typo: THEY DO NOT GIVE YOU A CONTRACT FOR THE SERVICES UNTIL THEY GET YOUR PAYMENT… and yes, that is ridiculous and it just shows how I will relax my standards when I really shouldnt.

Half-assed assessment and statement of work because they are always in a rush rush rush

Getting a clear statement of what I wanted done IN WRITING and PRIOR TO PAYMENT was like pulling teeth. and I had to search through my emails to find it.

Always rushing me off the phone

Whenever I spoke with them, they seemed to be trying to end the conversation quickly… slamming down the phone as the word “ok, goodbye” was coming out of my mouth… raising their tone of voice as if to say: “this conversation needs to be over so I can get back to work. you only paid me X number of dollars and we need to make more dollars and we have your dollars, so get off the phone.”

What’s with “call back, call back, we’re gonna call you?”

I remember after 3 months, I called them and they said: “CAll back Aug 25”

So then I call back Aug 25 and they say “CAll back Sept 15”

NOte well: all they said was “call back. They didnt tell me what the status of my file was, what they were doing and what next steps were”

Then I called back Sept 15 and they said “Call back Sept 25”

And this was really cool: someone from the 904 area code calls me and says “someone from WSA will be calling you within an update within a week” … and that was 3 weeks ago.. so I called them and got the rush-rush treatment on the phone.. but this time I wasnt having it: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, AND WHAT ARE THE NEXT STEPS AND WHEN CAN I EXPECT IT BY???

I am not alone

Never again with WSA For Me

So I got my answer to that about a week ago and I’m ready to fire them as a credit repair company and move on to a few other options…. FES supposedly has improved miles since I was part of them. And there’s a guy I met on facebook who’s in MWR financial. I really like their products and might reconnect with him to see how powerful they is.

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