Screenshot Millionaire – you know, the guy who flashes a few wins in your face

I think we’ve all been there. We’ve seen things like this:

And here is what he tells the VIP users but not the public room:

And then in the room of prospective hopefuls, you see “still running +40 pips!!!! sign up now!!!!”

Or how about this:

Wow, looks impressive, right?

WRONG!!! Since when does A SINGLE DAY of wins equate to a lifelong passive residual income?

Never forget the rules of investing – no long-term proof of earnings, no deposit from me, thank you very much. By the way, regarding deposit. Should you be depositing money in places or controlling your own accounts???

Not even for a screenshot millionaire which just beeped your phone with exciting earnings that we’d all love to have.

Here is what Mr/Ms/gender-nonconforming Screenshot Millionaire wants you to think….

My wouldn’t it be nice to check my phone once a day and see earnings like this every day? Well, since he/she/they seem to be winning on a daily basis, I think I’ll join, pay them some

Use some discipline. Use some commonsense. And …

Note how The Screenshot Millionaire tucks his tail and runs for cover when you ask for 3rd party verification of ALL trades for the past year or two, or 10.

They show you their wins, but not their losses

Guys, I’ve been around high-yield forex/crypto/options for awhile. And the gold standard for quality trading is Blackwave Pacific. Take a look at the growth, and the years of execution:

So… the next time you are tempted to follow The Screenshot Millionaire

Do the following instead:

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Read this post
  3. Go to bed and have a good rest
  4. Forget about The Screenshot Millionaire
  5. Realize this is a marathon not a sprint
  6. Get going on a service which follows The Rules of Investing such as Blackwave Pacific
  7. Heave a sigh of relief at not wasting your money and time on unproven services.

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