The easiest way to make modest profits in the Forex Market

First, some juicy profits:

Now some more juicy profits

Now for some objective trading results

So that I dont look like a screenshot millionaire, let’s have some objective 3rd party verified track record results:

Now, for explanation:

Amazon and Google are valuable should always increase in price for the long-term. So, what do I do? I trade them on the 1-minute chart using the free Moving Average Crossover EA from PointZero Trading Solutions.… set to LONG only… (full settings here) And I rake in $5.00 to $10.00 per day.

My Philosophy: Only Trade things that are going to Go Up

When you trade things like Amazon or Bitcoin, the idea is: even when they go down, they are so valuable that they will eventually go up. Now, there is no guarantee of anything always going up. The most valuable currency on this earth, gold, was manipulated for DECADES by the banksters to decline, decline, decline. It did finally go up, but not before all the weak hands lost faith and got out.

Scaling Out

I’ve been running this on my home PC but I’m about to get a nice virtual private server and have the bot running on the VPS and at home… DOUBLE PROFITS!

Caveat Emptor

The price of AMZN plummeted 600 dollars during the corona virus. If you didnt have 600 or more in equity when that happened then if you bought at the top, your account would be drained… not likely to happen, but you always need a buffer of equity to avoid such a horrible thing happening.


Don’t you lose a lot in fees?

No fees are charged with my forex broker for CFDs! In fact they dont ever charge fees. They earn profit on the spread only!

How do I get started?

  1. Register a forex account with a broker that does not charge commissions on stock trades.
  2. Download Metatrader 4 or 5.
  3. Open up a 1-minute chart on AMZN. GOOG has some longer downtrends, so I prefer AMZN. But any other stock I dont recommend.
  4. Download the free Moving Average Crossover EA from PointZero Trading Solutions
  5. Put in on the chart using these settings. Or download this metatrader 4 template file. I do not use a stop loss so Caveat Emptor.

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