Why I (re)-Joined Wealthy Affiliate

I was in Wealthy Affiliate many years ago and my sponsor was successful. After 2-3 months, I got arrogant and thought I could make money without them. Well, 2-3 years later, this website has lots of visitors but because it is not propertly monetized, I am not making on all the traffic that this website already gets.

What did I do the last 2-3 years? I chased people.

I’ve bought leads and called people. I’ve dealt with being yelled at, cursed at. I’ve courted people for days and weeks only to get turned down. I’ve spent plenty and time and money chasing people. And to think all I need to do was put my time into doing some keyword search to find people looking for content and then write an article and have them come to me.

Now, there are people close to me and I want the best for them. But you know the saying: “you can lead a horse to the water, but you cant make him drink.” And boy was I leading… but no more for time being. I’m tired of rejection.


I like a business that anyone can do anywhere in the world. I know people from Africa, Pakistan, India and of course the US… and they can ALL join my business. When my primary business was gold, I could not always have people join me. But as long as they can speak/write, they will enjoy my business. And anyone can afford to spend $99 per month to earn fix

15 Years in Business, 2 million members

The blogosphere is a big space. Plenty of topics. Plenty of new issues. No limits to the amount of content needed. Imagine that. you can be your own New york times or your own Washington Post. I’m always preaching and teaching my mom and sister and they have built the ability to tune me out. So that’s my audience. 2 people… OK add my dad in, 3 people… ok 2 more my friend Mike and Carol. … but you see the problem? I’m chasing them… when I write a good blog post and Google indexes it, then I get found… and I’ve had several 2-3 hour conversations about the content on my website…. AND NO MONEY!!!!! People love my content. They love talking to me… AND I’M TIRED OF NOT GETTING PAID FOR MY EXPERTISE!!!

Works for People Who Commit 1 Year

My previous sponsor was just an average mother…but she put in her time over 1 year. And each year she makes more and more because the old articles attract attention and each year more articles attract more attention.

My current sponsor has earned over 1 million dollars. And he doesnt know from who!!!

You know how it happens,

  1. you do a search,
  2. You end up at a website and you notice a banner for something you had been thinking about buying
  3. you buy it…
  4. the blogger gets paid. We call it “the blueprint”

That can be you my friend, if you put in your time.

Reasonably priced

Wealthy Affiliate only costs $99 for PremiumPlus membership and you earn on those you refer. Yes, there is a cheaper $49 Premium membership but for professional keyword search to optimize the articles you write, you must have the PremiumPlus membership.

Commit to 1 year of premium membership and get the training done and put it into action on a regular basis.

Very good support

It’s very easy to get help as you go through your training. VERY easy. Try the 7-day free membership and confirm it yourself. Also, they have an in-house feature to have people add comments on your blogs, which raises you up in the SEO rankings.

Everyone is passionate about a topic… why not write on it and make money?

I’m always saying to people – “gold is real money, the US dollar is fake and phoney” and my friends and family dont even care.

I’m always saying to people – “you see this Zimbabwe currency crisis??? The dollar crashed and they needed gold!!! You should be getting gold” and my friends and family look at me like I’m from Mars.

But you know what? There are people searching on the web for those very topics as we speak. And instead of trying to talk to people who don’t want to hear it, you can write a blog post and talk to the people who are searching for it make money using the Wealthy Affiliate blueprint which has not changed for 15 years:

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