Why I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate for Making Money Online

  1. It is an international business, meaning any of your friends any where can join
  2. It has EXCELLENT training, help, tools and support. It is very beginner friendly. Each training step has checkboxes to confirm you completed the instruction for that section.
  3. An average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot.com
  4. Everything you do grows in importance: when you write an article, it attracts visitors year after year after year. Not only that, but your perceived authority on the subject increases over time leading more preference in the search engines over time.
  5. Finally an audience for the things you like to talk about – learn to do keyword searches so you can write targeted articles and attract people to the ideas, causes and business opportunities that you care about.
  6. Proven model: 15 years of the same simple formula: (1) attract visitors (2) monetize your website/article (3) convert to sales … with no need to chase people or follow-up… just let the search engines drive interested traffic. All you do is write relevant articles!

Here’s what you get when you try Wealthy Affiliate today:

Your free access to the starter membership includes:

  1. Level 1 training (10 lesson online business course)
  2. a free website
  3. 7 days community access to more than 2 million members
  4. 7 days of coaching from me personally
  5. much more…

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