3 Reasons Why Ambit is Not a Good Option in the Home Business Space

The product of Ambit is great for passive residual income – people pay their energy bill for year after year. That being said I have real objective reasons that they are a less than ideal MLM for electricity and gas.

This is coming from a person who made RC not some yahoo who did not roll up his sleeves and go to work.

First you dont get paid on consultants in the first level (MC – marketing consultant).

You could have tons of consultants sponsoring tons of consultants and you would earn NOTHING on them, just because Ambit decided that you shouldn’t be paid on them.

Next, the people above you get paid more on your business than you do.

Consumer choice marketing got that one right and Ambit didnt. I spoke with the energyboyz, a couple of big builders in consumer choice marketing, and they told the story of a new recruit who brought in a big industrial deal. Now imagine YOUR SPONSOR raking in most of the money on that even though YOU had the connection and YOU did the work.

Mmm, no thanks. I’ll pass.

There is no walkway income to retire on – you MUST keep sponsoring to retain your customer/IBO base

No you are not smoking crack. You read that right. And yes, I thought a network marketing business was about building walkaway residual income. Well not with Ambit! Here’s the email I got as proof.

Nice, 15 day warning to build up to 20 pending or energized customers. Before they scavenge my hard work.

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