Network Marketing DONE RIGHT.. Finally!!!

First, please understand that ‘network marketing’ is an incomplete term:

Properly done Network marketing involves: marketing, sales, and duplication – *ALL* of it, no exceptions

Why is this? let’s see why:

Marketing is nothing more than making the public aware of your product/opportunity

What good is that if you cannot drive that person to a funnel and then close a sale with that person?

After getting an interested party to contact you, you must master the art of sales to close them

If Mlm is about duplication, then you must train your new recruits

in summary: unless you have ALL Aspects of any real business, then your mlm pursuits will fail:

  • you MUST use targeted advertising to attract interested parties
  • you MUSt have a presentation funnel in place to filter out people you are not looking for
  • you Must have sales/closing skills to get paid for speaking with interested parties
  • you MUSt train your new recruits so that you can have passive residual income.

NOW: why is it that most network marketing companies only have a product?

name one fortune 500 company whose marketing strategy is: make a list of your family and friends. name one Fortune 500 company that does not have trained sales people. Name one Fortune 500 company that does not have training to insure everyone is doing the right thing.

Now, why does mlm think they dont need all of that? but at least I have found someone who has put all of that together.

Thank goodness one person has put together Fortune 500 quality in all aspects of real business for a network marketing opportunity.

We have a master lead generator

and we have a monthly cooperative where you can have leads driven to you

We have a master sales closer

and he can get on the phone to close sales for you. not to mention they also have an experts closing academy (and my sponsor is in that academy and he can 3-way call as well)

we have copious training material.

iN short; we have everything you MUst have to succeed in mlm in once place

So here is everything you get

an health/wellness mlm company with an infinite pay plan that operates in over 50 countries

a master lead generator who shares leads with you (for $97/mo and $200 for a pack of leads)

a master sales closer who will get on the phone and close calls for you (for a split of commission) and also runs a sales closing academy that you can learn and grow in over time

A chance to earn huge commissions: instead of just making money on the MLM, you earn money on our automated recruiting and sales training package upfront and it is a 2-level affiliate program. Just you and small team closing 2 or 3 sales per month is a $10,000/month income from training package sales and then residual from the MLM products to INFINITY.

And here is what you pay to be a part of the most complete mlm system i have seen anywhere

$3000 one time for the recruiting and sales training package

$500 for your initial mlm product order

The lead rotator will cost you $97 to join and $200 for each package of leads you want.. call it $300/mo

The monthly product cost is about $100 or $200

In summary;

$3500 to get going and $500/mo and 6-12 months of sustained activity which involves nothing more than having master sales closers close sales for you until you are ready to grow as a sales closer yourself!


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