How to Get Started at SignalStart

After you have decided on a trader that you want to follow, then do these things to set yourself up for high-yield automated forex profits:

Create a Forex Trading Account

SignalStart supports a wide number of forex brokers. I personally like and recommend AAFx Trading.

Fund your Forex Trading Account

I like to start with $500 or $1000. But whatever amount you choose, SignalStart will upsize or downsize your trade size so that it is proportional to the signal provider. For instance, if I deposit $500 and the signal provider is trading with $5,000 then my trade size will be 10 times smaller.

Head Over to Signal Start and after registering, connect your Forex Trading Account to SignalStart.

Now, you have an account at SignalStart that can control your account at your forex broker.

Then choose a provider to connect to that account.

Here is a video of me choosing a signal provider… it should give you some ideas of what to look for.

This video shows it all:

By the way: NEVER reuse the same account for a different signal provider

The reason for this is that some of the statistics for the old signal you were trading in the old account will be added to the statistics for the new trader and will mess up your overall assessment of the new trader’s performance.

here’s a good example of this

it looks like this is a losing

What happened is that I was following a losing signal and I lost my patience with the losing signal around April 28th . As you can see around April 28th there was a big turnaround on the account and it started to go positive. But it’s not because the same person started doing better, it’s because I switched traders and connected a different one to the same account. But of course it really looks bad for the new trader to have all that negative previous history.

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