Taansen Fairmont

I am pleased to have Taansen Fairmont as a partner


  • Founder of Brilliance in Commerce – a network of talented people of all sorts.
  • Offers the Liberty Debt Elimination System – a foolproof way to eliminate unsecured debt since 2002.
  • Offers the Natural Law Trust – a way to protect your assets, do banking, reduce liabilities, eliminate tax filing requirements
  • Offers Private Placement Programs – only 1 million USD to join, weekly payments and 100% monthly returns.

Returning Planet Earth to the Golden Age of Commerce

The guiding idea of Brilliance in Commerce (BIC) is shown in this piece from his recent newsletter:

 Since the ancient Golden Ages, the need to measure and count arose only when tapping the unlimited was lost.  When one can tap the unlimited, one has no need to require payment for that which one gives . . . one simply gives freely, and the more one gives, the more one receives.  This was, and still is, the intended way for human beings to live.  Then you not only don’t charge for your goods and services, but you are also grateful for someone to receive from you as well, because it increases what you can receive.

 One of the many talents of this lost ability to manifest was the power to attune the consciousness to the nature spirits, known down through the ages by many names, including fairies, devas, angels, and so on.  These Friends of Man brought forth the manifestation of much wealth in a way far more gentle and harmonious — and therefore more effective and abundant — than the means dominating the dark age now coming to an end, such as forceful mining, dynamiting, oil rigs, atom smashers, nuclear plants, chemical farming, military force, hired labor, and such. 

       When this ability was first lost collectively by humanity, we were still far more advanced than our present level.  Before falling entirely into amnesia and unconsciousness, we had an enlightened government who was sincerely trusted by the entire population to evaluate fairly the abundance due to each citizen. At the peaks of some ancient civilizations, this government consisted of an Enlightened Council who were genuinely deserving of such trust, and they were unanimously loved and revered by everyone.

        Although the power to materialize from universal free energy had diminished, it was still present to some extent.  The means of creating goods was still highly evolved, and the medium of exchange was still more ideal than that used in the presently ending dark ages.  People were paid in a credit system according to their contributions of knowledge, services, or goods to the welfare of society.  Even the least affluent of people would be comparable to our millionaires of today, and everyone’s standard of living was so high that amassing wealth was not necessarily a sign of status or an aim of most people. 

        Money came into use only later when there was no longer an authority considered trustworthy enough to distribute the wealth fairly.  Money is a last resort . . . it is by no means an ideal system, for as everyone knows, it has had numerous problems down through history.  Sayings such as “the love of money is the root of all evil” have resulted from its susceptibility to crime and its inadequacies in making people economically happy.  Lotteries, sweepstakes, and gambling are some of its many signs of ignorance, rewarding people by accident and chance, due to the loss of the ability to reward according to the intuition of natural law and the cosmic deservingness of people. Everyone should have all that they need, and no one should be denied, and the extra resources should go to the geniuses who are loving and of pure intentions.  This is indeed what will happen in the coming Golden Age.

 Yet, despite money’s disadvantages, all efforts to improve upon it in the past have failed.  They will continue to fail until the transformation of consciousness has gone worldwide.  Fortunately, now is the time when that is beginning to happen.  A planetary awakening has begun which is unprecedented in history, and it will not stop until it has culminated in the greatest Age of Enlightenment the Earth has ever known . . . surpassing all the peaks of the previous Golden Ages. 

Taansen Fairmont has two very different wings in his life. He has done Transcendental Meditation for over 20 years. From 1992 to 2000, he did part time consulting in Bank Instruments Investment Programs, the ones that require $100 million minimum to participate in.  Bank instruments of this nature represent the crowning culmination of the monetary system, as it has traditionally existed to date. It transcends, embraces, oversees, and includes all other forms of finance and economics. These private placement programs typically require 100 million to participate in, but Taansen has located one that only requires 1 million to participate in.




Author: wizard