What is Credit Card Stacking

I was introduced to this method of obtaining funding by my partner Ed Lachowicz. I took some brief notes.

  • Build profile into the 700s
  • Work with 30 business banks
  • Can get  4 to 10 times the EIN business credit compared to personal credit
  • Using software, Would load your applicant info into 9 banks and do an application and check personal credit but upon approval would report to business profile only
  • 30k per credit card, get 5 cards, that’s 150k. Low interest credit cards
  • Do not activate online, then try take significant cash advance then they will cancel card.
  • Get card in mail. Call the bank. Activate. Then tell them you plan to get cash advance and what bank. Then bank calls before. 27k loan interest free for a year.
  • Then can pay down personal credit down.
  • Then use D&B number to report to D&B now you have 5 strong tradelines to EIN

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